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BIOGEN Fertilizer India PVT Ltd - a new generation company incorporated to produce organic-manure, Bio-fertilizers, Vermi-Compost and significant with the state of the art technology plant and machinery at Salem – Tamil Nadu. The laboratory is the best in the region for testing and certifying the products and applicants.

Organic farming involves management of the agro-eco system as autonomous, based on the capacity of the soil in the given local climatic conditions. In-spite of the ridicule poured out on organic farming by many, it has come to stay and is spreading steadily but slowly all over the world. India has been very slow to adopt it but it has made Inroads into our conventional farming system. One advantage we have here is the fact that the farming techniques practiced in this country before the advent of the green revolution were basically eco-friendly and they have not faded away from the memories of the present elder generation of our farming community.

 India’s options in finding out an alternative method to the conventional farming are limited. The World Trade Organization (WTO) deadline for banning exports of vegetables and horticulture products based on inorganic farming will expire in 2005. Sensing the importance, the Central and State Government have taken several initiatives to popularize organic farming in the country.

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Ravi Kumar , Salem

Biogen Organics promoted by leading experts and scientists from Agricultural Institutions, Departments and Food Industry joined their hands together in forming Biogen Organics

Sam Andreson , Erode, Tamilnadu